Training Organitation 2 BEM FEB UB : “Sosial Awareness”

Student Faculty of Economics and Business Day 2 (KM FEB DAY 2)
21 September 2016
Lowongan Kerja Menjadi Pegawai KPK
23 September 2016

Students of the great and students who each of the biggest, which means the highest, while students are people who studying. So when we combined college students are people who are learning at the level of the most high or highest. Students have 4 roles or functions which is so immportant in advancing in Indonesia are Moral Force, Iron Stock, Social Control and Agent of Change.

This is one of several key changes in the nation. It is based on the number of innovative thinking and solutions of millions of students in Indonesia, with the thing is, and management of human resources necessary, the students as agents of change and control social needs the proper container to channel the aspirations and develop the ability of the opinion from an early age.

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) is one of the container which would be able to help students especially university students new to immediately understand the role and functions as a student, were a potential development, channel the aspirations and innovation that is perfect, but it also can be a means to learn critical and increasing sensitivity to the environment. To achieve these goals, needs to be held the recruitment of staff of the internship and training organization for the staff did an internship as a first step for new students to enter the world lectures and participating in the executive at the faculty to create future leaders early on as well as one way of helping the government’s efforts in terealisasinya “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi”.


Theme of Activities

“Sosial Awareness”


Meaning and Purpose

Training Organization 2 BEM FEB UB 2016 aims to create the gold since the early. Where is it became the first step for new students, especially to understand the function and role of the students and increase the sensitivity of new students on the issue about as well as the environment.

The Activities

Training Organitation 2 BEM FEB UB  2016 will take place two days on 17 September and 1 October 2016. Fit and Proper Test (FnP) it’s a test an interview before prospective staff intern became a staff of the intership, Small Group Discussion (SGD) it’s a small group and the provision of material booth indoors in the form of seminars and outdoors in the form of ice breaking or games.

Time and Places

Training Organitation 2 BEM FEB UB  2016 will take place two days on 17 September and 1 October 2016.

Contact Person

  1. Dina Safrina (085733833643)
  2. Ibrahim Abirawa (081391459961)
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