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Management Edutainment 2017: “Self Enforcing And Enriching Live by Social Entreprenurship”
6 July 2017
Sending Delegation Futsal Boys and Girls FEB-UB for HORE CUP 2017
7 July 2017

It takes a process to get to know each other. Through this media “Training Organization I”, the participants as well as the committee get various experiences one of them the opportunity to know and understand colleagues with each other. It is very needed in building the organization BEM FEB UB and run the mandate of one period ahead. The experience gained is the achievement of the objectives of the “Training Organization I” activity measured by the presence of intimacy and solidarity among BEM FEB UB functionaries and the understanding of the tasks of new members as executor in KM FEB UB and Internalization VISION, MISSION, GBHK and AD / ART.

Activities of Training Organization I consists of SGD (Small Group Discussion), TO Indoor, and TO Outdoor. SGD (Small Group Discussion) was held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 in Room A3 and the theme of the discussion is “Transportation Online VS Conventional Transportation”. At the time of SGD participants are divided into 5 points of view, namely Online Taxi Driver, Conventional Driver, Society, Government and Student. The activity went very lively because each group delivered their arguments with enthusiasm. The existence of mutual arguments and comments from each group makes the discussion more exciting and fun.

Then, for TO Indoor has been held on Sunday, March 5, 2017 in Room A3 which presents 4 speakers who brought different materials. The first speaker was Arky Darmawan with the introduction of BEM material, the second session was Anggit Setiadi who presented the Student Movement materials, the third session was Meirna Puspita Permatasari of Self Management and the last was Leadership material with Mr. M. Abdi Dzil Ikhram W. TO Indoor also run very exciting because when delivering the material from each speaker, the participants are very enthusiastic, especially during the question and answer session.

Next is the TO Outdoor activities that have been held at Villa Lavender, Batu, Malang on 11-12 March 2017. The event was held 2 days, participants and the committee stayed at the Villa. TO Outdoor activities run smoothly and exciting especially with the fun of various games that are Balloon Train, Balonku Balonmu, Bocor-Bocor !!!, and Dengarkan Aku. All the committee and participants feel happy because every game there must be a new story that makes laughing and increase the cohesiveness among the participants. On the last day TO Outdoor held Action Management. The activity is just a simulation to provide knowledge about Action and instill a critical and solutive culture. Engineering issues raised are Students Finding Collusion in Dean Elections. Although it is only a simulation but the participants and committee are very enthusiastic in the action so that the action is real action.

Mature planning and optimal effort in the activities of “Training Organization I” finally successfully implemented everything. The support and cooperation of all parties is very helpful in the success of this event. The great hope of the committee is through this activity the functionaries of BEM FEB UB able to apply the material that has been submitted in every session of activity and to build the intimacy between functionaries and able to run the mandate of one period in the future.

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