Ready to Go to PIMNAS 32, FEB UB Holds PKM Socialization for Students

Guest Lecture Socialization of Government Regulation No.23 of 2018 concerning Final Income Tax of MSMEs
28 September 2018
Sinkronisasi Langkah Pembangunan
4 October 2018

MALANG – Wednesday (03/10/2018) Socialization of Student Creativity Program Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya has been held. This event aims to increase the interest and achievement of FEB UB students in the field of Student Creativity Program. The event which took place in the Hall of F building on the 7th floor presented speakers from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology UB, namely Dr. Ir. Anang Lastriyanto, M.Si and Yenny Kornitasari, S.E., M.E. from FEB UB. While participants come from PPA and Bidikmisi scholarship recipients, as well as FEB UB students in general.

On this occasion, Dr. Ir. Anang Lastriyanto, M.Si conveyed knowledge and insights related to PKM, starting from the history of PKM, differences in PKM categories, things that must be considered when writing PKM proposals, even he also had a chance to convey some social humanities topics that can be deepened for PKM in FEB UB . “There are many ideas about soshum that have the potential to pass the PKM, including optimizing the creative economy, reviving cooperatives, and many more,” he explained.

While Yenny Kornitasari, S.E., M.E. conveyed several things such as the benefits of joining PKM, changes in mind set “PKM is EASY! Only 10 pages only, and the PKM timeline in FEB UB, the details of which are as follows:

October first week = PKM socialization and registration of PKM FEB UB team

October second and third week = PKM and PKM Clinic Preparation

October fourth week = Finalization of proposals and administration

November first week = Uploading

It is expected that with this clear new strategy and timeline of PKM FEB UB, there is an increase in the quality and quantity of PKM FEB UB, and the FEB contingent in the 32nd PIMNAS event will be even more numerous.

Fiki Putri
Fiki Putri
Reporter Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya

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