Accounting Meeting 2019

Kajian Mahasiswa Pascasarjana (KAMPAS)
3 May 2019
Art Study Excursion
4 May 2019

Accounting Meeting 2019 was held in two days. The first day was held on Friday, April 26, 2019 which is intended for accounting students of class 2018. The first day was held in the Main Building Hall Lt.3. Arrangement of venues and decorations as planned. Open Gate starts at the time in rundown at 18.00. The events  starts at 18.45 or retreats 15 minutes due to waiting for the number of participants first. In the event, there was an obstacle to the sound part, which was a dead mic, but it could be handled quickly by the committee so that it did not require much time. In addition, there were participants who went in and out of the venue to go to the bathroom not in accordance with the entrance and exit. The event took place lively and conducive. The participants enjoyed and participated in all the activities of the first series of events. In the song guessing game, the operator has played one song incorrectly. When entering the meal together, all participants were given food and there was an excess of food provided by the committee. After eating, the garbage is collected and separated between plastic and non-plastic. During large game activities, the participants are very enthusiastic and play together according to their respective groups. However, in this activity there are groups who finish the game first so they have to wait for the other groups to finish their respective games. After that, the last video playback goes smoothly between sound and visual. The last activity was continued with a force photo and the first series of events was completed at 20:55 a.m. or faster than 5 minutes planned.                The second day was held on Friday, May 3, 2019 which is open to the public. Before the event starts, there is a change in the position of the registration table which was originally only one and is located near the Main Building portal and then changed into two positions near the Main Building portal and in front of the icatas field. This change is due to the area that should be a sterile area and given raffia but when the day, it is not allowed by security guards because it is a public road where many vehicle will pass on it. In addition to the registration desk, the exit also changed, which was originally located near the stage and then moved to near the photobox because it was felt not too close to the stage. Beginning with the open gate, which was opened at 18.15 WIB, which means there was a delay of 15 minutes from the time stated in the rundown. Then the MC opening starts at 18.45 where there is a delay of 15 minutes from the time specified in the rundown, this is because it is still waiting for the arrival of the participants. However, for the next schedule it has been running accordingly and in a timely manner so that no appearance has been cut off because it has to adjust the rundown. The performances in the second series included a 2018 class project in the form of a theatrical drama, unique abilities in the form of saxophone, acoustic performances and singer solos, and theme song of the Accounting Meeting 2019 that were made by friends of 2018 generation. Overall, rundown has a delay of 25 minutes. There were 361 participants who came, not only from accounting majors but also from other faculties. Participants who came also enthusiastically followed the event from the beginning to the end. Especially at the end of the event there was an appearance from Guest Star, namely ‘Move On Project’ which is a band from FEB UB, which added to the lively event that night. The constraints at the time of implementation were only on the sound during video play which was different from the time of checksound and there were participants entering through the exit so that they did not register. For the rest, the program runs smoothly.