”Delegation of FEB UB in the 4th GAMASURF 2019″
16 November 2019
Final meeting Stewardship (RAK)
16 November 2019

Theater & Literature Production Stage (PPTS) is a program of EGO Theater held once a year. The existence of Theater & Literature Production Stage as a form of performance offerings from EGO Theater to the Faculty of Economics & Business Brawijaya University and Indonesia culture. This year’s Theater & Literature Production Stage will be held on November 16,2019 at the Basement of Building E, Faculty of Economics & Business, Brawijaya University.

In the process of working on Theater & Literature Production Stage, it takes at least 3 months. Of course many things must be prepared both physically and mentally. The actors and crew always practice to improve their abilities and create a neat performance concept. Besides other preparations such as publications, costumes, stage properties, and makeup are important factors for the success of a performance. This Time in Theater & Literature Production Stage, the EGO Theater brought a script entitled “In the Shadow of God” the work of Arifin C. Noer. This text shows that life in modern times as a century of human fall from spiritual beings into materialist beings. Departing from the basic idea of humanism-anthropocentism of Western civilization which is characterized by the feeling of almost all aspects of life which is supported by the progress of science and technology. Humanism promotes human potential beyond the limits of nature, and makes human beings limited-become infinite. Like a general director who deified himself and said that he was born of pure rationality.

This script will be played by members of the EGO theater, and the show will last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Finally, thanks to everyone who have supported us in the process and work in promoting Indonesian culture. Hopefully what we do can provide benefits for all Indonesian people. Salam Budaya!