Accounting Gathering 2019
4 October 2019
6 October 2019

The work program of CIES GOT THE CHALLENGE is one of the work programs of the Research and Development department of the autonomous center of the Center for Islamic
Economic Studies (CIES). CGTC is an activity that aims to invite all students (i) throughout Malang to take part in the introduction of the Islamic economy globally. This activity was
carried out on 04-05 October 2019, has two types of activities, namely seminars and competitions. In the competition, CGTC held an Olympics competition and essay competition
in the CIES Got The Challenge event for all students in Malang Raya who will hone knowledge about the expected Islamic economy later and can produce future generations who are qualified
in their fields. This activity was held at the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Then the activity is divided into two sub-fields of the race. The first sub-field of the
Islamic Economic Olympiad is a competition event to form Islamic economic cadres and motivate the development of Islamic Economics. The second sub field of the Islamic
Economics Essay competition aims to increase the ability and understanding of participants regarding the development of Islamic economics in Indonesia at this time. In this activity we
raised the theme “The Application of Islamic Economy as the First Step in the Distribution of Social Welfare in Indonesia” in the hope of introducing the Islamic economy to the wider
community. In addition to holding a competition, CGTC also held a talkshow seminar with a similar theme held on October 5, 2019. The talkshow seminar is specifically for CGTC participants,
expected to establish two-way communication between experts in Islamic economics and students (i) related to the development of Islamic economics. In addition, it is hoped that
Islamic economic cadres will also be able to add their insights regarding Islamic economics.