GRTW (Get Ready To Be Wealthy)

26 August 2019
26 August 2019

GRTW (Get Ready To Be Wealthy) is one of the work programs of BEM FEB UB in collaboration with 3 other institutions namely HMJA, HMJIE and HMJM. This event is an entrepreneurship potential development program that is achieved in seminars, training, and talk shows. GRTW in 2019 was held in order to solve the problems faced by MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) in Indonesia, especially in Malang City.

               Through GRTW, the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University 2019 (BEM FEB UB) tries to be a facilitator in developing entrepreneurial spirit that creative, innovative, and socially oriented for the Indonesian people in general and Malang in particular. This activity aims to increase the entrepreneurial potential of Malang’s MSMEs that are creative and are embedded in the spirit of the integrity of MSMEs in the city of Malang in entrepreneurship.

               This year GRTW 2019 carries the theme “Entrepreneurship in Digital Era” where the subject of this time is how entrepreneurs can adapt in the mid of the hectic use of technology. This activity will be held on September 28, 6, and October 20, 2019 and there are several elements involved, namely MSMEs, practitioners, academics, students and so on. It is expected that GRTW in the following years can develop and be even better in providing benefits to participants.