Internasional Scholarship Expo (ISE) 2019

3 November 2019
4 November 2019

The International Scholarship Expo (ISE) 2019 is one of the work programs of the Department of Advokesma of BEM FEB UB whose forms of activities are seminars and exhibitions (expos) of scholarship providers in the country and abroad. In addition, it is also equipped with training supplies for scholarship registration.

This ISE activity also becomes an intermediary for students to get information related to scholarships, which is usually the bureaucrats of the faculties and universities in terms of delivering information often missed or not delivered to students. So it is hoped that with the holding of this ISE event, students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in particular as well as all students of Brawijaya and the general public can find out more extensive information about scholarships and build their enthusiasm for getting scholarships both domestically and abroad.

The nation’s identity is very much determined by the quality of the available Human Resources (HR), so that it requires the best cadres of the nation who have high intelligence, excellent attitude and mentality, fighting spirit and high competitiveness, reliable abilities and true nationalism.

Looking at Indonesian human resources at this time, to get educational facilities is very difficult especially for people who can not afford but have the ability and extensive knowledge and the potential to boast the name of Indonesia. But sometimes, those who are unable are only underestimated when viewed from economic factors. Therefore, the existence of scholarships provided by the government for children who are talented in their fields and underprivileged, such as: Bidik Misi, excellent students undergraduate programs, excellent scholarships for master programs, and many more.

The high cost of university education is the main reason why so many students try to get scholarships both domestically and abroad. Because so many students are trying to get scholarships, competition between prospective scholarship recipients is getting tougher. Scholarship providers are also increasingly selective in selecting prospective scholarship recipient students, so every student who wants to try to get a scholarship must have certain strategies in order to be accepted.

In order to qualify for a scholarship, activities are needed in the form of training in how to write good essays and how to answer interview questions correctly. Both of these are also strategies that need to be considered and prepared in order to qualify for a scholarship.

The theme of the 2019 International Scholarship Expo (ISE) is “Breaking the Limits of Achieving Goals Together with Scholarships” in the form of seminars, training and expos.

This activity was held on Saturday, November 2, 2019 (Seminar); and on Monday, November 4, 2019 (Expo).