Move On Project, BAND FEB UB Students Win 1st Place in ARTEFAC UNS, National Band Category

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23 March 2018
EBBraU 3rd Winner in the ARTEFAC UNS 2018 Basketball Competition
25 March 2018


MALANG – Students of FEB UB re-present the names of faculty and universities in the national arena in the ARTEFAC UNS (Art and Sport Appreciation by Economic and Busines Faculty of UNS) competition. They named their band Move On Porject, which has 6 personnel namely Zamrudhi Akhlul Ridho (Accounting 2016) as vocalist, Cyndy Mei Lani Situmorang (Accounting 2016) as vocalist, M. Nabil Aufarrahman (Accounting 2016) as keyboardist, Shem Dwi N. ( Economics 2016) as bassist, M. Agil Maulana (Management 2016) as guitarist, and Rafid Adhi Pramana (Economics 2015) as drummer. This proves that UB FEB students not only excel in academic only, but also non academic. Unmitigated, Move On Project won the title of 1st category of the band beat Alma band from Magetan, Adora from Solo, Sixty Nine and Kalam Kudus.

ARTEFAC UNS is a national art and sport contest which is also one of the 42nd UNS Anniversary series with the theme “Glorious March”. The category of the race also varies, ranging from futsal men competitions between the FE in Indonesia and between SMA / SMK in Central Java DIY, men’s basketball competition between FE in Indonesia, women’s basket between FE Indonesia, men’s basketball between high school / Jateng DIY, K-POP dance cover competition, university level monologue contest in Indonesia and SMA / SMK in Indonesia and the band competition themed “Indie Music Fest” which opened to the public.

Zamrudhi Akhlul Ridho, or often called Azam explained that before heading to the grand final round, Move On Project auditioned online first by bringing the mandatory song “Indie-Endah Vacation Rhesa”. After passing the top 15, Move On Project followed the grand final for 10 days (13-23 / 03/2018) and performed at Muara Market, Solo. In the grand final, they still performed the song “Indie Holiday” as a mandatory song and “Direject” from Jenita Janet as a free song. “Yeah, dangdut song, but arranged to be jazz” he said.

Move On Project has also had its own songs that can be enjoyed on Spotify and iTunes, titled “Hanya Dirimu”. This shows that the students of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya are not only rich in intellectuality, but also rich in high creativity in non-academic fields, one of them in art.