Launching and Circulation of 49th Indikator Magazines

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12 May 2017
12 May 2017

Indikator is one of the student press institutions (LPM) under the auspices of the Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya Of University (FEB UB). As one of LPM, we also provide an alternative media in the form of Indikator Magazine. Until n ow, we have published 49 magazines as a form of implementing our vision and mission.

This Indikator 49th  magazine is a special edition magazine that deals with the condition of cement industry in Indonesia. Discussion of this issue is also divided into economic, social and human rights, and the environment. There are eight authors in accordance with their concessions that contribute articles to meet the information needs of the community. The authors of the articles contained in Indikator Magazine 49 are:

Author Agencies Sub topic
Adi Wibowo Konsorsium Pembaharuan Agraria Economy
Christia Mediana Brawijaya University Environment
Agus Dwi W. Brawijaya University Environment
Cahyono Agus D.K. Gajah Mada University Environment
Aditya Nugraha P. Brawijaya University Environment
Benni Wijaya Konsorsium Pembaharuan Agraria Social and Human Right
Dhanny Septimawan S. Brawijaya University Social and Human Right
Ucca Arawindha Brawijaya University Social and Human Right

In addition to the discussion of the issue, there are rubrics worked directly by Indikator members. The rubrics contained in Indikator Magazine 49 include:

Rubric Author Editor
Wacana Muhammad Naufal Brian Monang Sinaga
Kontak Konsumen Janed Celvian D. Syah Ryan Anwari
Sosok Nur Rizky A.S Monica Nugraha
Aktual Arky Darmawan Muhammad Naufal
ILM Fauzan Setyo A.N Afif Abrar
  Alfian Nurdiansyah Afif Abrar
Indifoto Deni Ganda W. (CO) Renno Abdi.P
Resensi Imanirrahma Salsabil Emilia Susanti
Kolom Farit Bagus T.C Fithri Atika U.
English Corner Ardelia Pratista A. Alfian Nurdiansyah
Tribun Bebas Renanda Dwi C. Tri Andika N.
Potensi Daerah Renno Abdi P. Afif Abrar
Terminal FEB Eva Kumalasari Kurnia Wijaya
Etalase Devi Nurindah S. Afif Abrar
Sastra Ariana Nisaa W. Monica Nugraha
Klik Mochammad Abid M. Renno Abdi P.
Indikatoriana Faizal Adhim Fauzan Setyo A.N
Ilustrasi dan Tata Letak Fauzan Setyo A.N Afif Abrar

The Launch of Indikator 49th Magazine was an open discussion. The event was held on April 17, 2017. Before entering the open discussion venue, the participants was shown a photo exhibition about the cement industry condition. We have collaborate with Mongabay Indonesia for photo procurement. On the other side, we also invited some speakers for our open discussion from Consortium of Agrarian Reform (KPA), Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi), and Brawijaya’s lecture.

For the audiences, we have socialized our event with publishing online posters, and sent some letters to all student’s organization in FEB UB, student press institution in Malang Raya, and Non-Government Organization that interest with the discussion of the issue. In this Indikator magazine launching, we have distributed around 500 magazines, while the rest of the magazines will be circulated to all LPM around Indonesia.

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