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<!–:en–>Politics of SCIENTIFIC AND WRITING COMPETITION LAW (SCEPTA) 2015 in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang<!–:–><!–:id–>Scientific Writing Competition Of Politic And Law (SCEPTA) 2015 Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang<!–:–>
7 May 2015
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7 May 2015

In carrying out any activities, PMK Malachi empower talents and abilities of its members to engage become altar servers. Training Services Altar is an event created by the PMK Malachi to develop the talents that exist in every member PMK Malachi. Talents that can be developed yaiu musical talents, as a musician is expected to develop talent and grace received and channeled through a good way and have a positive impact and talent into the Worship Leader can also train skills in public speaking. Altar Training event was held in the halls D, namely halls D10 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya.

Altar Training event was held on Saturday, March 28, 2015, the event was held on Saturday due to not clash with the existing class schedule. Participants who come are members of PMK Malachi it self, on Saturday the 30 participants come meet space D10, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. They look very enthusiastic to join an existing event, the event was opened by singing a worship song that makes the atmosphere diruangan be silent and make all the participants was focused on God’s heart and mind to receive the heart that is willing to serve.

After that go to the material entitled “Starting from zero” that is supposed to care about how it began, the matter was submitted that the most important thing is that we prepare our hearts so that the service is good and holy in God’s sight. Because God says that God does not offering a magnificent and luxurious, but how careful we want to give sincerely not because of anything, just like the liver and even then God wants to serve. In addition we are also taught motivational what should be in our hearts to serve, not for human beings but only to glorify the name of God.

After we know the true motivation, then we taught foster true ministry through fellowship students in the campus. After the end of the session with a prayer, followed by a coaching session on the basis of the talents and techniques Worship Leader and musical talents.

In this session we were taught as what became Worship Leader, ranging from how to speak, standing up, to feel what invite God to be present in our hearts so that when we become altar servers we indeed feel the presence of God that existed at that time. Also in the material to be taught basic techniques musician how to play the guitar and cajoon good, basic as what is right.

After coaching material ends with singing accompanied by musicians who have been taught good technique materials such as what and led by Worship Leader who already understand what being good stewards. Once all the material completion of the event at the end of the evening meal together, which then end with the provision of PMK Malachi pennant to the Department of Music GBI Suropati. After that is done a picture together and then end with a prayer event that was closed by the speaker.

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