PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING 2018 Good Speaker for Future Leader

25 November 2018
TFT (Training For Trainer)
25 November 2018

Public Speaking Training has been held on Sunday, November 25th 2018 at 9 AM in Aula Gedung F, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya presented by HMJM FEB UB. The purpose of this event is to help participants to learn and have a good grip of public speaking knowledge. The theme for Public Speaking Training this year is “Good Speaker for Future Leader” and the tagline is “The World Needs Your Words”.

Public Speaking Training 2018 brings two important points relating to public speaking; personal branding and leadership. The activity takes place in two sessions. In the first session, Reza Rahadian as the first speaker, shared his experience about public speaking and gave some tips on how to make our own personal branding. Other than that, Ongky Hojanto as our second speaking taught the participants on how to prepare and practice to speak on public as a leader. In the second session, we have training class which attend by 20 people. The trainers for training class are from Perhumas Muda Malang. This training class ends at 5.20 PM which also the end of Public Speaking Training 2018.

With all of the activities and facilities that we have provided, we hope that the participants can truly absorb and implement the knowledge about public speaking. We also hope that the participants can continue to learn and improve their communication skills as a provision to become the future leaders.