Student Activities

Tuesday September 12th, 2017

IDC activities (Indonesian Debating Competition)

Activities Indonesian Debating Competition is a series of events organized by the Student Association Economic Science Faculty Of Economics and Business the Udayana University, Bali. This […]
Tuesday September 12th, 2017

Evaluation of BEM’s Project

Unit of collages student activity or known as UKM is a place for collages student to explore their potential skill in academic or non-academic. Every campus […]
Monday September 11th, 2017

Implementation of SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) in the Framework of Poverty Reduction Efficiency: A Multiple-perspective Review

In order to run the role of the student as an agent of change that is expected to contribute significantly to the optimization of the quality […]
Monday September 11th, 2017


Intellectual Dialouge of Economics is one of the work programs at the Economic Faculty Student Association (HMJIE) of Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University (FEB […]
Thursday September 7th, 2017


In order to welcome the great activities of the student press all over Indonesia, the XI National Student Working Congress of the Student Press Association. Local […]
Thursday September 7th, 2017

Frame Your Ideas 2017: “Do Good Things And Share With People”

Indonesia as a developing country needs the participation of entrepreneurs in advancing the country’s economy which is expected to bring an even economic growth. Entrrepreneurship consists […]
Thursday September 7th, 2017


As students from the faculty of whatever you want to pursue the business world, a variety of preparations and of the marketing strategy in accordance with […]
Thursday September 7th, 2017


As the self-actualization student Accounting, Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi (HMJA) has an interest and desire to form a community college students Accounting from all the solid […]
Thursday August 31st, 2017

Photo Exhibition activities 2017

LPM Indikator is a autonomous institutions that contributes in journalism in Faculty Economy and Business University Brawijaya (FEB UB). Indikator is a media for campus society […]